ADHD Kid Daily Diary (Word Download)

This is an editable Word-Document format of the ADHD Kid Daily Diary template.

You can print this at home for your child to use daily, weekly, or as needed, and can edit the template to hard-code the amount of time your child wants to spend on breaks/classes, as well as the class names. You can also add or change the template, or re-size it for a different sized paper or format.

For example, perhaps you might want to just print a week worth to review/test it, in preparation for a 504 plan meeting where you want to be able to show the teacher how far your child gets with his or her homework within so much time per class.

This can also be used as part of a daily/weekly scheduling routine for helping your child learn to prioritize and self manage their time. For my daughter who has ADHD inattentive, this has also been far more effective of a format then the other formats that her school has provided, or that we have found with expensive planners in the office supply stores.

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